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Urology / Gynaecology


cover Latex sterile

REF 1100-02

Trans-vaginal transducers are widely used in gynaecological procedures. This technique brings the transducer into closer proximity to the target organs providing optimal images for use in diagnosis.

General information

The Probetection™ transducer covers offers optimal fit for all of the trans-vaginal transducers currently in use. All transducer covers are individually packed available sterile and non-sterile. For these particular gynaecology procedures Palmedic offers a complete line of ultrasound transducer covers to protect the patients and healthcare workers against cross contamination.

The use of trans-rectal transducers typically requires two different covers. One of these is a sanitary cover, the other is a water stand-off cover for near-field visualization. The Probetection™ line of rectal transducer covers offers both types to facilitate the correct use of transducers in this application.


Sterile: Yes
Tip diameter : 33 mm
Length cover : 195 mm
Application : Gynaecology/Urology
Packaging  : Single packed
Material : Latex

Sales information

Probetection™  REF1100-02 Latex cover
Selling unit: 120 PCS in an export carton*

*5 small boxes of 24 pcs each in an export carton

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