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Cardiology TOE/TEE covers

Probetection™ TEE

Extended kit sterile – micro

REF 1280-10

The Probetection™ line includes non sterile and sterile ultrasound transducer covers and cover kits. The 1280 series is especially designed for the Philips S8-3T Micro TEE.

General information

The Probetection™ line includes non sterile and sterile ultrasound transducer covers and cover kits. Especially designed for Trans Oesophageal or Trans Esophageal Echocardiography (TOE / TEE) transducers for adults, paediatrics and neonatal patients. The Probetection™ products are available as a single packed cover, a single packed cover on an applicator, or as a complete kit. For these particular TOE / TEE procedures Palmedic offers a complete line of ultrasound transducer covers to protect the patients and healthcare workers against cross contamination.

All TOE / TEE ultrasound transducer covers are made out of a latex free polyurethane material. All our TOE / TEE ultrasound transducer covers will fit on every TEE transducer available in the market, adult, paediatric and Micromulti.


Sterile: Yes
Tip diameter:  9 mm over 500 mm in length
Shape of the tip: Round
Diameter end of the cover : 31 mm
Total length cover: 1880 mm
Application: Trans Oesophageal or Trans Esophageal Echocardiography (TOE/TEE)
Includes:  A transducer cover on an applicator, an extended 10 ml syringe filled with ultrasound transmission gel, a twist lock and an adult bite guard.
Material : Polyurethane
Latex free: Yes


1: Open the Probetection™ packaging



2: Remove the cap from the tip of the ready to use extended gel syringe



3: Insert the gel syringe into the cover to just before the tip of the cover. Fill the tip of the cover with Ultrasound transmission gel



4: Insert the transducer via the applicator into the cover



5: Fixate the applicator on the control unit by twisting the applicator onto the control unit

Sales information

Probetection™ REF 1280-10
Selling unit:  48 PCS in an export carton*

*02 boxes of 24 pcs each in an export carton

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